Deez Nutz Protocol

Deez Nutz is an innovative new protocol on the cutting edge intersection of NFTs, Tokenization, and Defi.

This new fork of DN 404 (Deez Nutz 404) forms a new hybridized mechanism that is both NFTfi and Defi at the same time. DN404 is brand new and cutting edge technology that allows for owners of the token to simultaneously own and gain price exposure to the NFT collection through a hybrid token/NFT model.

If you own 100,000 $DN tokens you will automatically be airdropped 1 of the Deez Nutz NFTs. If you sell any amount below 100,000 (or any multiple of it) your NFT will automatically be removed and you will become a fractionalized owner only.

This means you will still have the tokens but no longer own the NFT. However, if you buy back above a total balance of 100,000 $DN, you will automatically be airdropped a Deez Nutz NFT again.

However, you will be airdropped another random NFT from the liquidity pool. This goes both ways. If you own multiple NFTs in a single wallet, then selling below a multiple of 100,000 tokens will randomly remove one of the NFTs from your wallet.

Buying will never remove an NFT from the wallet. And selling from, e.g. 150,000 down to 110,000 wouldn't remove any NFTs as it wouldn't drop below that 100,000 threshold for the NFT you own.

This new dynamic brings a fun way to "reroll" you mint by repeatedly buying and selling below a 100,000 threshold. And this is where the innovative new mechanism, the "fractionalization tax" comes in and brings yield to all holders regardless of size or how many tokens they own. The first if it's kind, Deez Nutz innovated the fractionalization tax to help smaller holders to work their way towards accumulating an entire NFT.

This fractionalization tax works by taking a 5% tax on all token transfers and sells. This 5% tax is then distributed pro-rata to all token holders, regardless of size or whether they own a ton of nfts or whether they don't have enough tokens for an NFT.

This mechanism is akin to the "safemoon for NFTs" and is unique to Deez Nutz.